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Video Content For Every Stage Of The Funnel
Want to boost your awareness, leads, sales or brand loyalty?¬†Turning your target audience into customers is all about speaking to them with the right message at the right digital touchpoints. ūüéĮ
Scroll on to find out which video content strategy works best at each stage of the funnel!
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Many businesses often jump at the opportunity to create their first video. They spend time and money on an explainer video for their homepage, but as soon as the project is complete, all future video ambitions get shelved.


At the same time, many companies pump out endless social videos. But since many videos are a duplication of fads or viral trends, many of them don’t give any consideration to their audience’s challenges or problems.


Considering the time, money, and resources required, video marketing can’t be an impulsive guessing game. Instead, you need to create a comprehensive video marketing strategy that applies to every stage of your funnel.


The¬†funnel¬†is the marketing and sales approach focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful. Each video you create should acknowledge your audience’s challenges and provide a solution.


In the following sections, we’ll cover the types of videos you should create for each stage of the funnel.

Awareness (Marketing)

Firstly: potential customers need to know about your brand’s existence and business. Consumers at this stage are identifying their challenges and deciding whether or not they should seek out a solution. Therefore, the content you create should empathize with their problems and introduce a possible solution in your product or service. Ultimately, the goal of this kind of video is to expand the reach and build trust. To reach this goal, think about creating short and easy to understand the content that will speak to your audience.

Video Examples

Educational Video
Event Video
Thought Leadership Video
Brand Video

Awareness Video Tips & Tricks

  • Choose a¬†high-level topic¬†with broad appeal.
  • Clarify¬†how you can solve your audience’s problem.
  • Show them¬†who you are as a company/brand – highlight your brand values and personality.
  • Consider thought leadership videos¬†that establish you as a source of industry news and insight.
  • Keep your content snackable – short and sweet.
  • Video view count and driving site traffic are the key metrics at this stage – you’re aiming for maximum exposure.

Consideration (Marketing + Sales)

Now that you’ve attracted video viewers and website visitors, the next step is to convert these visitors into leads. At this stage, your prospects know who you are, but they’re still learning more about your product or service and determining if you’re the right fit for them. Content at the consideration phase should support the collection of some sort of contact information via a form. Video can help this process by providing a visual representation of the solution to the buyer’s problem, whether that’s before a form, on a landing page or as the offer itself.

Video Examples.

Case Study
Customer Testimonials
Product Explainer Video
Video Tour

Consideration Video Tips & Tricks

  • The consideration phase is about educating and exciting your prospect.
  • You want to become a trustworthy¬†brand.
  • Highlight the¬†Unique Selling Propositions¬†of your product.
  • Guide your prospects to the right¬†landing page¬†with¬†call-to-actions.
  • Time spent watching and forms filled are The Most Important Metric here.

Decision (Sales)

As important as this stage is, “close” videos are often the most overlooked by marketers and salespeople. Yet video has been proven to help convert leads into customers, many times. At this point, the prospect is considering their options and deciding on the purchase. Therefore, the goal here is to make your audience visualize themselves using your product or service ‚ÄĒ and finding success. Videos can show functionality and practicality, and leverage emotions to help drive that final conversion.

Video Examples

Product Demo
Culture Video
Client Testimonial
Personalized Video

Decision Video Tips & Tricks

  • Great “close” videos include¬†testimonials of customers with relatable stories.
  • Consider in-depth product demos, culture videos that sell viewers on your quality of service.
  • Personalized videos that explain exactly how your product could help their business.
  • Conversion¬†rate is the most important metric.

Delight (Service)

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%, according to research. So don’t just disappear as soon as your customer has converted. Your goal is to continue providing relevant and useful content to users that make their interaction with your product or service as incredible as possible. ¬†The goal of this type of video at this stage is to keep you top of mind and¬†encourage your customers to embrace your brand.¬†

Video Examples

Thank You Video
Upsell Video
On-Boarding Video
Product Training Video

Delight Video Tips & Tricks

  • The first point of contact once someone becomes a customer is super important! Make sure you give them the¬†warmest welcome.
  • This stage is the perfect moment to use video in e-mail. Consider sending a¬†thank you video to welcome them into the community.
  • To get them rolling with their new purchase, send them an on-boarding video.
  • Build out a library of educational courses or product training videos to cater to consumers who prefer self-service or simply want to expand their expertise.

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