How to Get the Most Out of Your Event Using Content Marketing!
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Aug 16 2019

How to Get the Most Out of Your Event Using Content Marketing!

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If you’ve ever been part of organizing an event, you know it’s tough work. It takes time and planning, not to mention resources and money. It takes coordination, searching, comparing and leading your team. So if you’re putting in all this work, doesn’t make sense to optimize your marketing and communication with rich content your audience will be willing to engage with?


Looking at the event industry today, we see that more and more event organizers are investing their time and energy in content marketing. Firstly, it’s an effective way to create awareness, drive registration and increase ticket sales before your event. Secondly, it’s great to generate excitement on the day itself; and lastly, content prolongs the interest and energy long after your event has finished. Considering all these advantages, it seems logical that the event industry is improving the overall event experience by making smart investments in content marketing.


Customer Testimonials


Getting testimonials takes work and co-ordination. You need to find a time and place that works for you and your customer. You need to find a date that works for you and the client, having them come to your office where you can be prepared or go to their offices, set up, do the work, drive back. Now repeat that process multiple times. Now consider this, what if you could visit your exhibitors on their stands, or even set up a booth at your event and invite your exhibitors and visitors for a short testimonial while they are already at the venue. This will save you time and money, and generate multiple pieces of content quickly.


The Presentations


Many guest speakers at your event have dedicated a lot of effort to the presentations they will be giving. Videoing these presentations is a great way to create content that can be used during and after your event. Using short snippets of the talks and sharing on social media can be a great way to drive footfall during the event, even after the event has finished key points by the speakers or interesting topics covered can be included in your highlight reel after the show. Naturally, you’ll need to ask for permission from those involved.


Expert Interviews


If you are running a conference alongside your event, the obvious opportunity is to film your speakers so you can share both the full talks but also short snippets of key points to generate interest in your event. If you find yourself in a situation where your speakers prefer you don’t film their presentation, you can convince them to give a short interview instead. If your event is well known amongst it’s audience you’re likely to attract high influential people to it. Look for influencers that would be willing to give their opinion on the event, tips and tricks, best practices and so on. Your goal is to get as much extra value for your audience as you can.


The Atmosphere Video


By sharing content through your social media, emails and so on, and giving potential attendees an idea of the atmosphere at your event you can create a sense of FOMO. Take the opportunity to wander around your event capturing the energy, the attendees and the exhibitors. Capture the mood of your event and edit it into a short video or images for social media that inspires people, or makes them feel happy they were part of it, or disappointed that they missed it. A great after-show highlight video is a guaranteed way to engage more people to join you at your next event. With the resources you can even take advantage of sharing short interviews, behind-the-scenes clips and atmosphere videos on social media with your special event hashtag during the day.


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Richard McKeon